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What is a professional account? Why are there two types and what are the benefits?
What is a professional account? Why are there two types and what are the benefits?
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Once you have registered your business account you will see that you have the option to add Professional Accounts in the Team page. Professional accounts are accounts for fitness professionals or business administrators. Professional accounts allow your employees and/or external instructors to be listed as fitness professionals on your business account and have customised administrator access in the Gymcatch Business Portal.

There are two types of professional account: staff Accounts and affiliate Accounts. We’ve done this because we know that fitness businesses have different ways of working with fitness professionals.

A staff account is designed for someone who works entirely or predominantly for an organization (at one or more locations).

An affiliate account is designed for fitness professionals who may work for themselves, and/or other businesses. Fitness professionals like this will need the ability to associate themselves with business accounts of several organizations.

Administrators of the business account will always have the ability to de-affiliate an affiliate’s account from a business account but, because this is someone else’s independent account, will not be able cannot delete it.

Staff accounts can be deactivate entirely by a business Account at any time. Deactivating a staff Account removes the ability for that individual to communicate via your business account but all prior activity will remain visible.

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