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How do I remove my customer account from Gymcatch?
How do I remove my customer account from Gymcatch?
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To delete your Gymcatch customer account, just follow the steps below.

On the web:

  • Log in at

  • Click on your name in the top right corner to access your Profile settings

  • Click Delete account and confirm

On mobile:

  • Log in to the Gymcatch mobile app

  • Go to the Profile tab and tap Settings

  • Tap Delete account and confirm

Please note that any business you have interacted with will maintain records of your purchase and booking histories and any contact details provided for their insurance and tax purposes. If you wish to check or remove any of that information from their records you will need to contact the provider directly to make that request.

If you have any difficulties actioning this, just email us at from the registered email address.

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