This article will get you up and running with the basics on Gymcatch in 7 simple steps. For a full video walkthrough of our set-up and all available features, please see Gymcatch Set-up.

  1. From the login page (, select REGISTER BUSINESS and complete all the fields on the registration page. Once completed you will receive 2 emails from Gymcatch - the first links to this support centre, the second is a confirmation email for your account. To complete registration you must confirm your email address by clicking CONFIRM BUSINESS in the latter email.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to BUSINESS DETAILS in the sidebar and fill in any and all information you wish to provide to customer about your business, including a description of your business, contact details, website and social links, opening hours and more. You can also upload your business logo and a customer background image (click here for image requirements). Remember to click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Do you teach a major fitness brand? You can affiliate with that brand in the AFFILIATIONS tab in the sidebar. This allows you to select that program as a searchable category for your classes, and is especially important if the brand format you teach has a brand specific deal for the Gymcatch subscription or has a class finder powered by Gymcatch.

  4. Do you want to take payments online through Gymcatch? To take online payments you will need to create and link a Stripe account to your Gymcatch account. Stripe processes all of the payments conducted through the Gymcatch platform so no payment data is held by us. In your sidebar go to PAYMENTS and click LINK TO STRIPE. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new Stripe account or if you already have an account with Stripe use the SIGN IN link in the top right corner.

  5. Create you first class or series of classes. You can find a video walkthrough for this process in the Schedule support article.

  6. Want to sell access to your classes or on demand products in bulk? You can set up packages to do this. Click here for a video walkthrough for passes & bundles (included in your base GymCatch subscription) or you can find a video walkthrough for memberships here (memberships are a bolt-on feature, so to set these up you must have activated the Memberships bolt-on).

  7. We have a number of additional features available as bolt-ons to your base Gymcatch subscription. To see the full list of available bolt-ons and current pricing, click here. You have full control over adding and removing bolt-ons at any time throughout your subscription and during your free trial have full access to all bolt-ons included at no extra charge. To add or remove bolt-ons simply go to the PLAN & BOLT-ONS tab in your sidebar, click CHANGE PLAN and then de/select the desired bolt-ons. The page will update to show you the proposed changes to your plan and associated change to your renewal price. One you are happy, confirm that you have the authority to make changes to the Gymcatch subscription and click CHANGE PLAN.

For further information on any of our features, check our articles in the Support Centre, contact us on our live chat service Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or email

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