Sub-profiles allow you to make and manage bookings on behalf of other people, such as children, friends or family members, without them needing to engage directly with Gymcatch themselves. Creation and management of these profiles is done from within your own Gymcatch account.

There are 2 ways you can create a new sub-profile - either during the booking flow or from your profile page.

Creating a sub-profile during booking

After clicking the Book button on your class you will be taken to the payment screen for the session if you do not already have one or more sub-profiles on your account. To create your first sub-profile, click on the Add places link to be taken to the profile selection screen.

If you already have a sub-profile(s) on your account or need to complete any participation information requirements for your provider than you will be taken to the profile selection screen as standard.

From here simply click + Add new profile and complete the name for the profile and optionally add a picture. After clicking Create you can then proceed with your booking, selecting the new sub-profile as one of the places being booked in to the session or course.

Creating a sub-profile from your profile page

To access your profile page on the web, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the page after logging in at or on your provider's Gymcatch page. From here go to the Sub-profiles tab, click Create new and complete the first and last name fields, optionally upload an image for the profile then click Create.

In the mobile Gymcatch app for iOS or Android, go to the Profile tab, tap Sub-profiles and then +. Complete the first and last name fields, optionally upload an image for the profile then click Save.

Booking multiple places

Where a business allows the booking of multiple places in a single transaction, once you have created one or more sub-profiles through one of the above methods it is as simple as checking the boxes next to each profile you are wanting to book in to the selected session or course and proceeding through the booking flow as you would normally.

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