My customers can't book or pay. How do I resolve this?
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Please check the following issues and see if fit your issue/resolve.
​Issue: Customer(s) do not see any book or payment options on the session / package / course / on demand payment screen.

This is caused by one of the following:

i) If session related, please check the 'Booking and listing' and 'Listing only' options in the session create/edit page. It is possible you have actively selected 'Listing only' rather than the default 'Booking and listing'.

ii) In the Admin Portal please check under the Your plan and bolt-ons page to see the status of your account. It is possible that you have missed two payments and your account is frozen. We would have sent you emails in relation to these too. Instructions to re-activate will be on that page too.

Issue: Customer(s) get to payment but the 'Book / Pay' button is inactive.

This is caused by one of the following:

i) The customer does not have a valid method for buying the session. For example, it could be that only certain packages are enabled as the purchase method but you want customers to be able to pay as you go to. In this instance you just need to update the payment methods for the session(s) in question from Schedule>Details>Ed this session (or the course session edit page if the session relates to a course).

ii) Your Stripe account is unlinked from Gymcatch. To resolve in the Gymcatch Business Portal:

  • Go to the Payments page, and click Link to Stripe

  • Log in to your existing Stripe account if reconnecting, or register a new account if registering for the first time

  • Check in your session series from Schedule>Details>Edit this essionthat Debit or credit card via Stripe is set as a Payment method. If not, edit to update, click Update all sessions in this series and repeat for other series.

Issue: Customer(s) bought a package but doen't see it as a payment option at checkout.

Please check the following:

  • That the session and the package in question have the same Tag. You can check the package tag from Packages>click on package name from filter, review tag field in Details table. You can check and update a session tag in Schedule>Details>Edit this session. If the Tag needs updating remember to update for all in the series and any other series you want the package to be valid for.

  • That the package is set as an accepted Payment method for the session. You can check and update this in Session>Details>Edit this session. Bundle or Pass (as appropriate) needs to be displayed for a package to be used for booking the session. Remember to update all in the series and any other series as needed if not present.

  • That if the customer(s) is trying to book multiple places that multibook is enabled on the package. You can check and amend this if needed from Packages>select package from filter>review Details fields>Edit this package if needed.

  • That your customer is logged in with the account that they bought the package with (i.e. they have not created an additional account in error). To ensure the customer is in the right account, checking the email address associated with the purchase from PAckages>click on package name from filter>Package customers>look at Live list, is the one the customer is logged in with is a good idea.

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