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Scheduling, bookings, courses and virtual (livestream, on demand, Zoom integration)
Scheduling, bookings, courses and virtual (livestream, on demand, Zoom integration)
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What are the visibility and booking preferences on courses?
Why can't I select a category on the session settings/creation page?
Course or bundle, which should I use?
Can my customers swap sessions between courses?
Can I use Gymcatch to allow trainers to book times at my facility?
Can I reschedule a class / session?
Can I offer online courses and coaching services on Gymcatch?
Can I stage when on demand content is released to a course?
Can I include on demand / video content in courses?
How do customers book and pay? Can I see the system from a customer's point of view?
What countries can my customers book from?
How do I create appointments on Gymcatch?
Can I offer a taster, 'first class / session free', offer?
How do I create a special offer for my class(es)?
Can I set when bookings open and close for a session?
Do you have a 'contribute' or 'pay what you want' feature?
Can I suspend or pause bookings for a session?
What is multibook? Can a customer book more than one place?
Can I book for my customers?
Can I sell sessions in blocks?
How do waitlists work?
Can I hide the number of spaces available on a session?
Can I ensure that only pre-approved customers can see and book/pay for a session?
Can I give priority booking for my next course/block to those that attended the previous one?
Can I create sessions, courses or on-demand resources that are only for members or private clients?
How long does priority access last for customers on the access list? Will access expire when the linked session is over or linked package expires?
How do I set a session as 'At venue' / "In person"?
How do I share the recorded link for a class after it's finished?

Can I list / set my services at multiple locations?
Can I market my services in multiple timezones?
Do you have support for virtual sessions? Can I livestream? Can I integrate with Zoom? Can I add on demand content?
What's the difference between livestream and on demand?
How do I list a hybrid/blended livestream and at venue/in-person session? Can I manage which attendees will be online and which at the venue?
Can I set when session url (links) are made available for sessions?
Can I use my Personal Zoom ID when creating Zoom meetings?
I've set my Zoom meetings to use my Personal ID. I can't see the meetings in my Zoom dashboard. How do I start the meeting?
Why are my Zoom meeting details different in my Zoom dashboard to those shown in Gymcatch?
Can I create an on-demand course / series that delivers resources in a sequence?
Can I sell a collection or group of on-demand resources at once?
Can I extend a session / class series?
Why can't customers see my on demand resources?
I'd like to offer a 'back-to-back' classes discount for the second booking. Is this possible?
I'd like to have a 'refer-a-friend' offer. Is this possible?
What are the check in / attended features? Can customers check themselves in to sessions too?
How do I sync classes I host to my calendar?
I have my own website - can I take bookings on my website?
The web embed shows on Wordpress preview but just a hyperlink when live. Why is this?
I've embedded Gymcatch on my website but I'm getting a 'The API key is not valid for this domain' error message. How can I resolve this?
I've embedded Gymcatch on my Wix website but I'm getting a 'The domain information is not provided' error message. How can I resolve this?
I've embedded Gymcatch on my Wix website but I'm getting a 'The wix url is not original' error message. How can I resolve this?
I've a load issue on my Squarespace site. Can you help?
I've embedded Gymcatch on my Squarespace Business account but it's saying 'Script Disabled'. Why is this?
I am getting a TLS error having added the Web Embed to my GoDaddy website. How do I resolve?
Can I set my own cancellation policy? Can I mark classes as non-refundable? Can I automate credit backs in line with my policy?
How do I update or cancel a class / session?
Can I hide cancelled sessions?
Can I uncancel or reinstate a class?
Can I apply my auto-refund policy when I cancel a session?
How do I delete a session from my schedule?
How do I cancel or swap or transfer a customer's booking?
Can I automate credit backs in line with my cancellation policy?
Can I charge a 'no show' or penalty fee?
My customers can't book or pay. How do I resolve this?
Course and course sessions aren't visible in Gymcatch. How do I resolve?
Can I add an existing session to a course?
Can I add a bonus session or on-demand resource for customers who purchase a specific package or course?
Can I gate the visibility / privacy of a session, course, package or on demand resource so only those I invite can see it?
Can you set the background image on sessions, packages courses and on demand resources?
How do I refund or credit back a customer?
Did my auto-refund policy trigger when my customer cancelled their booking?
Can I use Auto-Refund on courses and course sessions?
Can I set multiple on-demand resources to expire at the same time?
Can I expire on-demand resource access when a package expires?
Can I add new sessions to an existing course? Will customers who have already booked the course be automatically added to the new sessions?