Our general rule is that if you provide health, fitness or sport services that Gymcatch users can participate in, you will probably be eligible. You don’t need to have a company but you do need to be formally operating and legally entitled to be providing the services that you are promoting on Gymcatch.

These guidelines should help.

Who should be registering a Business Account?

  • Gyms and studios

  • Independent personal training businesses

  • Other health and fitness businesses instructing yoga, Pilates or other health and fitness activities

  • Coaching businesses

  • Martial arts businesses

  • Formal sports clubs

  • Organisers of participatory events

Who shouldn’t be registering as a Business Account?

  • Personal trainers that only operate through other businesses and who don’t have an independent client base

  • Businesses selling apparel or equipment

  • Businesses selling food, pharmaceutical or nutritional products

  • Any business that does not provide opportunity for active participation by the Gymcatch community

Still not sure? Contact us at hello@gymcatch.com and we’ll help you out.

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