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Accounts, notifications and permissions
Accounts, notifications and permissions
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Can I use Gymcatch in a British Overseas Territory outside of the UK?
I'm not sure if my organisation is eligible to have a business account on Gymcatch?
Is Gymcatch easy to set-up?
Who can create a business account? Who can administer my business account?
Can I share account log-in details around my business?
What rights do administrators have and can I control what an administrator can do?
Can I assign / add additional administrators to my business?
Can I change my business name?
How do I change my login details?
Where do I add my business logo?
How do I change my logo or business image / photo?
What size images should I upload?
Can I have my own / white label apps?
Do you have iOS and Android apps for my customers?
Is there an app for business admins?
Do I need a personal Gymcatch Account before registering a business?
Can I promote myself through a personal Gymcatch account?
I don’t want to have to log in every time I use Gymcatch. Can I stay logged in?

Do I get notified when a customer books or cancels?
Why aren't I getting notifications?
I've affiliated to my fitness brand but my classes aren't showing on their class finder. What do I do?
I've affiliated to Boogie Bounce but my classes aren't showing on What do I do?
I've affiliated to SOSA Dance Fitness but my classes aren't showing on What do I do?
Can I integrate with Mailchimp?
Can I integrate with Zapier?
Do you integrate with Zoom?
I can't log in, what do I do?
How do I reset my password?
Can I remove / delete a customer record?
How do I cancel my Gymcatch business account?