How are membership payment dates calculated?
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There will be scenarios where a client buys a monthly membership on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month.

In those cases when it comes to renewal, there will be situations where there isn't a corresponding date in the following month.

In these cases the app will change the renewal date to a corresponding date in the following month that would be the equivalent.


A monthly 12 month membership is purchased on 31st January and Gymcatch takes the first payment. The system will schedule the next payment for the 31st of the following month, but because it is February, there is no 31st of February. The system will adjust the billing date to the 3rd of March to substitute for the missing 3 days in the 28 day month (in a year with 29 days in February, this would be 2nd March).

From then on, billing will be attempted on that date of the following months until the end of the membership.

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