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Packages: Passes, Bundles and Memberships
Packages: Passes, Bundles and Memberships
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What are packages? What's the difference between a pass and a bundle?
What are package tags? How do they work?
Can I debit a customer's package against a booking I've made for them?
Taking a package off sale
Why can't a package / refund credit be used to book a session?
Why do bundles need a time limit?
How do I gift a package to a customer?
Gifting a package doesn't work. Why is this?
Can a package be used as payment for a course?
Can I stop a package being used to book a sub-profile?
Can I sell gift cards or vouchers on Gymcatch?
Can I track where my customers are in their package? Can my customers see where they are?
Can I cap the number of times a customer can use a pass?
If I change the price on a pass that has the auto-renew option what price will my customers' be charged at their next renewal?
Can I edit or freeze packages?
Customers with an auto-renewing pass are unable to book. Why is this?
Do discount codes apply to auto renewing passes?
How do I remove or expire a package from a customer's account?
Why can't a package be used to purchase on demand resources?
Do sub-profiles have their own packages? Can I gift a package to a sub-profile?
If a client doesn’t pay for a membership, can they still book?
What happens if a client misses a membership payment?
Do memberships automatically continue when they expire?
I offer different numbers of classes in the month depending on whether there are 4 or 5 weeks in the month. Can Gymcatch cater for this?
Can I cancel a clients membership if they don’t pay?
What happens at the end of a membership?
What happens when memberships expire?
How can I see how clients are using memberships?
When can customers re-buy a membership?
How are membership payment dates calculated?
Can I sell rolling monthly memberships?
Can I choose the start date for memberships?
Can memberships be pro-rated?
If a customer cancels after they've paid with a package, can I refund / credit them?
Can I manually clear arrears on a membership?
How do customers use packages they have bought or been gifted?
How do I stop a pass auto renewing?
Can I pause / freeze a customer's membership?