What are package tags? How do they work?
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Package tags are what creates the link between your packages (memberships, passes and bundles) and the products (sessions/classes/appointments, on demand resources and courses) for which they are valid as a payment option.

They also can allow you to group products together. For example, you may have some sessions available at £10 each and some at £15. Using different tags you could group them together so that you can easily create a package that is only valid for the £10 sessions. Similarly if you have busy peak-time sessions and quieter off-peak sessions you may wish to create passes that cover just off-peak sessions.

When creating packages you can apply multiple tags. This means that you can create packages that cover (using the examples above) £10 and £15 classes, or both on-peak and off-peak sessions.

Products (sessions/classes/appointments, on demand resources and courses) can only have 1 package tag, whereas a package (memberships, passes and bundles) can have multiple package tags.

Remember, for a package to be valid as a payment option for a product, they must share the same package tag and the package must be selected as a payment option on the Edit this session page.

You have up to 10 package tags which you can customise from your packages dashboard on the Packages page in the Gymcatch Business Portal.

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