Yes, you can achieve this using our priority access feature to gate the visibility of the course so that it is only accessible and bookable to a specific set of customers until the time of your choosing.

When creating or editing the course, set the Course visibility to Private (just the clients that have been granted access) and complete set up as normal. When you click Create course or Update course you will get a pop-up asking you if you want to add customers. Click Add customers. This will take you to a new tab on the course titled Access.

To allow previous course customers only to view this course for booking, click Select groups of customers>Add customer who have>Booked course and then select the course from the list of either off-sale or released courses.

The next two options will allow you to choose how this rule is applied. Selecting Fixed will apply the rule only to those customers who match the rule created at that moment in time, whereas Dynamic will apply it to customers now and in the future who match the rule. Choose your option and click Create rule.

Now this course, once placed on sale, will only be visible and open for booking to those who match the rule set, in this case, those who booked for your previous course. If you wish to open the course for public bookings, simply Edit this course and change the visibility from Private (just the clients that have been granted access) to Public (everyone) and Update course.

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