Yes, using our priority access feature you can gate the visibility of any individual or series of sessions, courses and on-demand resources. This makes it simple to create and publish a product that only a specific sub-set of customers can see and book.

Either at the point of creation or by going in to edit an existing session, course or on-demand resource, set the visibility to Private (just the clients that have been granted access). After clicking Create or Update this session, select Add users and then you can create and edit the access rules for that event or product. You can either select customer individually, selecting them from your full list of customers or filtering that list using a fixed rule, or set a dynamic rule to automatically add a group of customers based on a given condition, such as only customers who have bought a certain membership.

Once you have set your access rules, you can click to save those rules to just this session, to this and all future sessions in this series or to this and selected sessions in the series. Once you have clicked to save the set rules only customers on the access list for the event or product will be able to see and interact with it.

You can update the access list at any time by returning to the Access tab.

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