Yes, by using the priority access feature you can quickly and easily create a bonus product only accessible to customer who have made a specific purchase or booking.

Create the session or on-demand resource and set the Visibility to Private (Just the clients that have been granted access). When prompted, click Add customers>Select groups of customers>Add customers who have and then choose the desired package or course. If your bonus resource is only for the current customers with the package or course booking, then select Fixed on the next screen, or if you want this to be an on-going bonus to their purchase/booking (i.e. all customers who purchase this package or book this course in the future should receive access to this bonus) then select Dynamic.

You can amend your group access rules at any time by coming back to the Access tab for the session or on-demand resource and clicking Select groups of customers. You can also manually add or remove individual customers by clicking Select customers individually.

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