The length of time a customer's access to a product gated using priority access will depend upon the access settings for that product:

  • Customers added to the access list individually will have access until such time as that access is manually revoked by removing the customer from the access list.

  • Any groups of customers added with the Fixed option will similarly remain on the access list until removed.

  • If you set Dynamic access to a group of customers who book a course or session or on-demand resource, these customers will have access after they have made the booking specified until they have their access revoked.

  • Groups or customers who are set to have Dynamic access after purchasing a package (bundle, pass or membership) will have access until their package or on-demand resource expires. In the case of packages, customers will still have access once they run out of credits on their package (or reach any set caps in the case of memberships) until the validity period expires

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