Yes, by using the on demand resources feature with priority access settings you can create a course or a series of on-demand videos that are only accessible sequentially - i.e. video 2 will only be visible for purchase after somebody has purchased video 1, video 3 only after purchasing video 2, and so on.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Create the first on-demand resource for video 1 of the series with visibility set to Public.

  2. Create the second resource for video 2, set the visibility to Private and on the Access tab Select group of customers>Add customers who have and the choose Purchased on demand resource and select the resource for video 1. Set the application of the rule as Dynamic so it will apply to any current and all future customers who purchase the resource.

  3. Continue to create on-demand resources for subsequent videos, setting the access rule for each to require the purchase of the previous video in the series/course and set as Dynamic.

Following these rules you will create a series of on-demand videos or resources where each video is only visible and available for purchase to those customers who have purchased the previous resource in the series.

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