Can I list / set my services at multiple locations?
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Yes, Gymcatch is built with multi-location service providers in mind so it is quick and easy to list services at multiple locations on a single schedule.

When creating a session you enter the location information near the bottom of the create/edit screen. There are no restrictions to the number of different locations you can use so you can freely list each session (class and/or appointment) as happening at a different location.

You can also use the Short location description field on this form to add a customer venue name if the top line of the address given on Google Maps isn't as desired. The content in this field will also be displayed on your overall Schedule before your customers click through to the session or appointment details and booking.

Many of our customers also find that adding the venue name in to the title of the class - eg. Aerobics at St. Mary's Church Hall ensures further ease of selection.

If you would like to run your different locations on separate schedule/booking pages please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss a discounted rate for an additional subscription.

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