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Can I use Gymcatch to allow trainers to book times at my facility?
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By using the priority access feature admins can set up blocks of time that only trainers operating out of your facility are able to see and book.

Create your time windows as recurring sessions/classes on your Schedule screen and set the visibility to Private (Just the customers who have been granted access). When prompted to set the access list, choose to Select customers individually and then select the trainers from your list of customers or followers. Trainers will need to have Gymcatch accounts that at least follow your business in order to be able to do this.

If you want to collect payment from trainers when they book these time slots then you can set a price and make the payment option Credit or debit card via Stripe, or if you have other arrangements for payments then you can set the payment option as Pay on the door so that your trainers won't be charged when booking.

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