To gift a package the recipient needs to either be a follower of your business or have previously made a booking or purchase.

Following Your Business

To follow your business all your customer needs to do in the iOS or Android apps is select your business from the initial 'Find your provider' page they are presented with immediately post registration. Should they have skipped this step, they can still search for your business and hit the 'Follow' button on your business page.

On the web app (or on your website if you have added the web embed), there is a ‘FOLLOW’ button on your page they just need to click.

Once this has been completed you'll be able to gift packages or add them to sessions.

Gifting Packages

To gift a package you then:

  • Click on PACKAGES

  • Click on the package you just created from the relevant filter


  • Select the customer(s) to whom you wish to gift it


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