Is there an app for business admins?
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The majority of business admin should be done on the web in the Gymcatch Business Portal. We do also have some 'on-the-go' features that business admins can access when logged into the Gymcatch iOS and Android apps.

Business in-app features

In addition, if you want to bookmark the Portal to your home screen you can do this through bookmarking tools.

For iOS users:

  • Open Portal in Safari

  • Tap the Share button

  • Select Add to Home Screen

For Android users (you will need to have the Portal bookmarked already in Chrome):

  • Press and hold on the home screen where you want to place the bookmark shortcut. Select Widgets from the menu. Depending on your device, you may need to tap Apps and Widgets, or a similarly-named menu option.

  • Press and hold on the Chrome Bookmark widget, then drag it to a place of your choosing on your home screen.

  • Choose a bookmarked website from your collection. You will see the name of the widget's icon change. Tap it to open the page.

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