How do I create appointments on Gymcatch?
Learn how to create appointments for PT/Personal Training, 1-2-1 sessions, open gyms, professional appointments and more
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Appointments on Gymcatch are created in the same fashion as regular sessions using Consolidated sessions.

Go to your Schedule page to create your session as normal, complete all the required details and then set the session as recurring. You will then be able to set the days and times that you want to offer and have full control to set different times on different days. These appointment times will be repeated on the selected days between the dates set, allowing to quickly and easily schedule all of your appointment times in one go for up to a year ahead.

To group these time slots in to a single display on your public schedule, from which customer can then select their desired time, set the display option to Group identical sessions each day. This is especially useful to keep your schedule neat and tidy if you are also offering other services or have multiple trainers listing their availability in separate series.

For private sessions, if you don't wish these to be public, you can use our priority access feature to gate visibility and booking capability by marking them as private in the create/edit process. You can then either choose specific clients from your customer list to have access or set up a dynamic rule to grant only customers who fit certain criteria, such as have an active package on their account, to have access to the session(s).

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