Within the Gymcatch Business Portal there is a MARKETING page which contains helpful links and guides around customer onboarding. We recommend you check out that page if you haven't already. This includes where you'll find your unique booking page and iOS/Android urls to share.

1. For Customers Ready To Book and Pay

For those customers who just need to book and pay for new sessions, packages or courses, the onboarding process is as simple as sharing your unique web and iOS/Android booking urls to share from the Gymcatch Business Portal MARKETING page.

2. For Customers With Outstanding Credit

In instances whereby you have customers that you want to gift credit before they book, you just need to ask them to 'Follow' your business. Once followed you can gift credits via packages or add them to sessions or courses.

Following Your Business

To follow your business all your customer needs to do in the iOS or Android apps is select your business from the initial 'Find your provider' page they are presented with immediately post registration. Should they have skipped this step, they can still search for your business and hit the 'Follow' button on your business page.

On the web app (or on your website if you have added the web embed), there is a ‘FOLLOW’ button on your page they just need to click.

Once this has been completed you'll be able to gift packages or add them to sessions.

3. For Offline Customers

If you have customers that are unable to engage with technology, you can still mark a space for them on sessions or courses. To do this you simply Create (or add if already created) an unregistered user in the session Attendee or Course Attendee page.

If you need assistance adding a Follower, existing customer or unregistered user to a session, course or gifting a package, you may also be interested in the following:



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