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Can I take manual / direct card payments from a customer?
Can I take manual / direct card payments from a customer?
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There are two options to facilitate this - one on Gymcatch that reduces the need for manual card payments, and a second through Stripe which provides a full suite alternative.

On Gymcatch

Whilst you can't input card details for a set amount on Gymcatch, there are two flexible features that reduce the need for this feature.

Firstly, you can set the "Booking closes" option for sessions for a period of time after it has finished. This enables customers to book and pay online more flexibly. For example if someone turns up late for a session, you can still facilitate their payment, linking to the class.

Additionally, you can create any number of bundles in Packages that customers can buy as a credit for the product or service they are paying for.


As part of setting up with Gymcatch you will setup, or connect an existing, Stripe account. You can then take manual payments using your Stripe dashboard. They offer this functionality from both their mobile app and web service.

The service can be found in (or in their mobile app) under the Payments tab., then select Create a payment and complete the input fields. This process can be used to take both a single payment or set up a recurring payment.

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