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Can I assign / add additional administrators to my business?
Can I assign / add additional administrators to my business?
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You can have as many admins on your business account as you wish and fully control the permissions of each individual within your business.

Both Staff (employee) accounts and Affiliate (contractor or employees operating across multiple businesses) accounts can be assigned as admins of your business. Once a Staff account has been created or an Affiliate has accepted their invitation:

  • Go to Team

  • Select the account you wish to give administrator permissions

  • Select "Make this team member an administrator of the provider" under Provider administration

  • Select the permissions you wish to grant to this administrator under the newly visible Permissions header

  • Click Save changes at the bottom of the page

If you ever want to remove any specific permissions from a team member or remove them as an admin, simply navigate back to this page and deselect the desired permissions or deselect them as an admin.

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