How do I create a special offer for my class(es)?
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Special offers are a great way to attract new customers or reward active, existing customers and you want the implementation of these to be as simple as possible.

If you wanted to run a time-limited sale on a block of classes, for example, a January 'Back to it' 5 class bundle at a reduced rate, there are 2 ways you can go about setting this up.
​Option 1: With a package

You can create a new bundle package available for purchase for a limited time and remove it from sale at the end of the offer period. Bundles are included as part of the base plan, and are a great way to position a discount for buying X credits upfront.

Option 2: With a discount code

You can create a discount code set, optionally limited what it can be used with and it's validity period. Discount codes are a bolt-on feature and are great for running promotions on specific sessions or memberships.

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