Can I sell rolling monthly memberships?
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Memberships are currently configurable as a fixed term package with payments spread at fixed intervals within that term. Once the membership expires it will not automatically renew but a customer can manually re-purchase the membership.

One way of still creating a rolling membership within this framework is to create a membership with a longer fixed term and note within the terms of the membership that the customer can cancel at any time by contacting the provider. A business admin can cancel a membership on behalf of the customer at any time. If the customer wishes to continue the membership beyond the fixed term set then they would need to re-purchase the membership once the current one has expired.

Should you wish to sell a rolling monthly membership that gives the customer control over when they wish to cancel then you can do this using a pass with auto-renew. The customer then will have full control over choosing when to cancel the automatic renewal of their pass. Please note that when using a pass across multiple products (eg. setting the pass as valid for use with classes and on demand) you can not set different caps for each product type, you can only set the total number of credits the customer can use across the products selected. Additionally, unlike memberships, passes do not allow bookings into future billing intervals.

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