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Can I use Gymcatch without taking payments online?
Can I use Gymcatch without taking payments online?
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There are many businesses who want to take payment directly from customers but want to automate their booking and client management.

Gymcatch is built with this in mind.

The most common way to manage this is to use the Packages functionality on Gymcatch.

You create a Pass, Membership or Bundle, which gives clients the ability to book and get access to the services that they have paid for. Once your client has a Gymcatch account and has followed your business on Gymcatch you simply gift the Package to them.

The client can then log in to Gymcatch, and book the services that they have paid for.

For long term clients we recommend that you use the Memberships feature as the Package. This means that you can gift them for example a 1 year membership which automatically renews monthly. Then you can ask clients to make regular monthly payments.

Then there is nothing for you or your client to do for an entire year as long as the client stays up to date with payments. If the client misses a payment to you you can expire the membership immediately and prevent them making further bookings.

This structure also works using Passes or Bundles for shorter-term customers who may just be using your services for a month or even a week or just for one session.

It is quick and easy for both you and your clients.

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