Can I offer online courses and coaching services on Gymcatch?
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Gymcatch has a number of tools available to help with online courses and coaching.

On demand course content

With the Courses bolt-on feature added to your plan you can also create online courses with on demand resources released to course attendees at specific times and dates.

Livestream sessions

Whether using as part of a course, or standalone, you can set up your live-streamed or blended sessions quickly and easily for most major video platforms including Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. Include the link and any access information in the customisable fields and automatically make the information available to customers who have booked and paid for your session at the time that you set, whether immediately upon booking, in which case it will be included in any email booking confirmations, or at a specific time interval before the class. In both cases the link will also be visible within the session details screen for any customer that has booked - in the latter case this will only occur after the designated release time.

Zoom integration

Directly link your Zoom account with your Gymcatch account, allowing you to set up Zoom meetings from within your Gymcatch portal whilst creating a session. You have full access to all the standard Zoom meeting settings directly in the session creation screen and customise when the Zoom meeting link becomes available to customers.

On demand resources

Create an unlimited number of resources that can be made available to your customers for on demand access. Set when resources go on sale at a time and date in the future that suits you and set the system to automatically remove the resource from sale on another date and time. You can also customise how long a customer will have access to the resource after purchasing it, after which period the customer will need to re-purchase the resource in order to regain access.

Please note, we do not host files in the Gymcatch system. You will need to use an external platform to host your videos or other resource being added to your on demand library and include the link to the resource during creation.

Embedded in to your website

With the Web embed bolt on feature you can embed the Gymcatch app directly in to your website, meaning you can offer all of these online services directly from your own website.

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