What are sub-profiles?
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Sub-profiles is a feature that allows your customers with a Gymcatch account to create and manage profiles for other people; such as children, friends, family members or other dependants. These sub-profiles aren't stand-alone Gymcatch accounts and do don't require unique email addresses or log-in credentials. Instead, the 'parent' account will control these sub-profiles from their account.

The parent account can make bookings on sessions and courses for multiple sub-profiles, whether they are booking a place for themselves or not, and can then manage these booking independently too, for example just cancelling one sub-profile booking leaving any others in place. Any valid packages on the parent account can be used as payment against any bookings made for their sub-profiles in the same way as they would for themselves, subject to any multi-booking settings and limitations configured on the packages and sessions.

As a Gymcatch business admin you will have a customer record for each sub-profile that becomes a customer of your business via having a booking made and will be able to store and update personal details, check booking and purchase histories and book those sub-profiles in to sessions and courses manually just as with any standard registered account. The record for the sub-profile will also highlight who the parent account of the sub-profile is as will any session or course booking record for a sub-profile.

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