Can I sell a collection or group of on-demand resources at once?
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If you want to sell a specific collection or group of on-demand resources, for example a collection of pre-recorded workouts of a particular brand or style, the best way to do this is by creating a playlist (YouTube), showcase (Vimeo) or folder (Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive/etc.) on your hosting platform. The exact name of this ability differs from platform to platform, but we'll stick with playlist in this article.

On most hosting platforms you will be able to create groups or playlists of files/videos. This playlist will then have its own unique share link in the same way as the individual resources do. Simply use this link when creating the on-demand resource in Gymcatch and then when customers purchase access to that resource they will be presented with the link to that playlist of videos rather than one specific video.

Creating a grouped resource in this way ensures that access to all videos expires at the same time which can be a benefit compared to selling a package, such as a bundle, with a number of credits for customers to use to individually purchase access to multiple resources.

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