Can I book for my customers?
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You can add existing customers of your business to any session from the Attendees page by clicking Add attendee and then selecting the desired customer(s) from the list. Once added, and if required, you can then proceed to debit a package as payment.
If a customer isn't registered yet, and you'd like them to have an account , then you can simply click Create customer from the Customers page or Add Attendee>Add new from the Attendees page of any session. Simply enter their first name, surname and email address and then tick the box to send them an email invitation to claim the account to use for themselves in the future. Customers can also be invited to claim their account at a later date from their customer record.

You can still create a new customer account as described above and opt not to send them the invite. This customer account will still work with full functionality even if the customer is not invited or chooses not to claim their account but the Admin will need to make the bookings for the customer.


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