Gifting a package doesn't work. Why is this?
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If you try and gift a package to a client and it doesn't work this could be because the client already has a live instance of that package.
On Gymcatch, clients can't have more than one instance of the same package at the same time.
So you have a few choices of how to handle this:
1. If the client doesn't need the old package you can expire the existing package and then gift the new package to the client.

2. You can create a new package which is identical to the one that they already have (but give it a different colour so you can tell the difference) and gift them the new package.
3. Add additional credits to their existing package and/or extend the validity period of their package. You can do this by navigating to Packages > selecting the package > Package customers > check the box next to any clients whose package instance you want to edit > Update. From there you can add/remove credits to the package, add/remove a number of days to the package validity period, set a specific new expiry date/time or expire the package immediately.

If wanting to gift a package to a sub-profile, you will need to gift the parent account instead. This is because a sub-profile can not have their own package as they are not full accounts (more info below). In such circumstances, the parent account may already have a live instance of that package, so you would need to pick one of the options above to resolve this. You may also need to check the package settings to allow the gifted package to be used for sub-profile bookings (i.e. ensure that the Prevent use with sub-profiles options is not checked in the package settings).

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