Did my auto-refund policy trigger when my customer cancelled their booking?

How to check whether an auto-refund was credited to a cancelled booking and how to troubleshoot if not

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You can check whether an auto-refund was credited to a cancelled booking by navigating to the Attendees page for the relevant session and expanding the list of Cancellations. On this list you will be able to see the date and time that the customer's booking was cancelled (no matter whether by admin or the customer themselves) and if they were issued a refund in the form of a gifted package, a credit back to a live package or was marked by an admin as refunded by another method.

If your customer didn’t receive a refund credit automatically but you believe they should have, then we would recommending checking the following:

  • Has this particular session been configured with an auto-refund policy? (You can check this in the session settings)

  • Did the customer make their booking using a payment method selected in Step 1 of your auto-refund policy?

  • Did the customer cancel in line with the notice period configured in Step 2 of the auto-refund policy?

Once you have resolved any issues, you can manually credit back your customer following the instructions in this article.

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